Debloating KeePassX

I’m trying to find some nice tool to easily access and manage my directory of authentication details, passwords, etc. I set up KeePassX which seems to be the most recommended password management tool (on Linux systems that is).

But is it really that awesome? I’m not sure.

So what’s that all about? Why should I need to enter my passwords twice in this dialog box? This is not a web site or anything similar – this is just my password manager where I can view all the passwords whenever I want to.

By simply exterminating everything that seemed related to this silly function in the source code, I came up with this patch. Open source makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.

That’s better.

But should I really be using this as my password manager? TL;DR incoming.

I would like the currently running session of KeePassX to show up by executing the application once more (just like any web browser would do). Instead it launches a new session (assumingly to be able to access several databases simultaneously though). If it would just show the same session I could gain easy access to the password manager by binding a keyboard shortcut to the application.

The program is accessable from the system tray though, but that’d require navigating that horrid mouse, damaging your arm and all that stuff.

If instead I would have disabled the background/systray stuff, exited the program after every time I had used it, and then re-launched the program each time I wanted to access my passwords, I would always need to enter the database encryption password to unlock the database since the encryption cannot be disabled… I don’t really even need that encryption since I would run this application in a dedicated none-networked Qubes VM.

But even if that’d work like I wanted it to, it’s no game. When opening up the application (e.g. from tray) the window focus is wrong. The focus should be set to the search bar so I can instantly find what I’m looking for without clicking on that bar or go nuts with my tab key.

Nah. I’m probably just going to end up developing some bash/ncurses thingie that do things The Right Way.