Datacenter@home: Part 11

Previous unfortunate events led me to buy some new servers, which now have been mounted in the rack enclosure.

While being pissed at myself for destroying the socket 1156 mainboard, I bought two totally new and identical sets of socket 1155 mainboards+CPU+RAM.

The rack setup is starting to look pretty nice.

Having the front bezels flipped down reveals all of the hot swap units.

The server at the bottom is currently the one with the oldest hardware (socket 1156, i5). I mostly use this as a file server since it’s loaded with five 2TB hard drives (with the current RAID6 setup this gives me about 6TB of usable space).

The two servers above are the new ones (socket 1155, i5 gen2). The hardware parts which these two servers are using are identical except for the PSU’s and the 2.5″ hot swap units. The 3.5″ hot swap units are currently loaded with two 1TB hard drives each (RAID1). The 2.5″ units on each server currently only contain one drive which is a Samsung 830 128GB SSD. The SSD’s are supposed to be used for caching.

Since the two identical servers are supposed to be setup for high availability, I use DRBD to synchronize the storage between the servers. A dedicated network link between the servers makes this perform better.

I also got some new shorter TP cables between the wall mounted patch panel and the patch panel inside the rack enclosure. I recently found out that my label printer is able to print labels specially made for cables. No more cable ties in different colors.

The tube with the red ties is the one containing the wires to the room’s door-mounted fans.