Datacenter@home: Part 7

For a long time I’ve been planning to get some form of air conditioning going. Installing such a system would however not be very easy. It was necessary to find an alternative solution.

I got myself a wooden door, just like the one that was already in place. I cut some holes in it (or actually, a friend did, which is why the holes looks like they do :)).

The landlord probably wouldn’t have been very happy if the original door was “modified” in this manner.

180mm fans fit really nice.

The idea is obviously to be pushing cold air into the room at the bottom, and as the air becomes hotter, it is drawn out the top.

A fan grid will make sure stuff won’t get stuck into the fan.

A filter will prohibit dust (at least some) from getting into the room.

The upper fan from the inside of the room.

I decided to get another set of metal grids for the fans. These were definitely a bit more sturdier.

Prettier, right?

Some black duct tape does wonders sometimes.

The fans obviously needs electricity to function. A junction box was mounted to the inside of the door.

The ordinary 3pin fan cables (power+rpm signal) had to be extended to the rack enclosure. It was put into the grey tube.

Tada! Not very pretty, but it works.

Another junction box inside the rack enclosure. The 3pin cables was connected to my router.


I’m not sure whether this actually makes a difference to the air temperature inside the room or not though… but whatever, it’s still freakin’ awesome 😉