Datacenter@home: Part 6

It’s online.

I finally connected some TP cables between the wall mounted patch panel and the rack mounted patch panel.

When I bought the cables I thought there only was an opening meant for cables on the top of the rack enclosure, hence the length of the cables. Apparently there was an opening in the bottom as well. =)

Except the color of the TP cables themself (Internet & LAN), I also color coded each individual cable using cable ties in both ends. Knowing which one is which makes things easier.

The servers are online and running…

As you see there’s additional colors of the TP cables in the front.

  • Red is traffic between the router and the Internet.
  • Orange is traffic between different VLAN segments.
  • Yellow is WLAN traffic.
  • Green is desktop/iptv traffic.
  • Grey is server traffic.