Datacenter@home: Part 5

With last week’s preparations of the spare room, the rack enclosure has finally got a new home.

I was actually really lucky when moving it into the room. There was probably just one millimeter or two of space between the enclosure and the door frame. It would’ve sucked big time disassembling all of it and then re-assembling it inside the room.

I got some power cables in place and a PDU mounted as well.

I realized that I was going to have a problem with my patch panels. The setup was meant as a large set of tunnels, where each opening would end up at the corresponding opening straight over at the other side. However, that meant that port 1 would be seen as port 24 at the other side, and vice versa.

I printed some new labels in the reversed order.

Labels without print effectively hid the original markings.

I’m freaking brilliant. Q_x