Datacenter@home: Part 3

I’ve mounted stuff in the rack enclosure. Yay.

In my patching patch panels how-to I believe that I mentioned that I use pretty stiff Cat6 cables. I wasn’t kidding around.

I probably should’ve used shorter cables. But I didn’t know that at the time.

After all, there’s a solution for everything…

Got one of my 4U servers mounted.

And it’s on rails =)

I also mounted my new UPS which is a Eaton Powerware 5115RM (1000W/1500VA). It should be able to handle the load for couple of minutes at least. At the top is my 24 port GbE Netgear smart switch (GS724T-300).

Finally, the router and the other 4U server have been mounted (however no rails for that one currently).