OpenSSH moduli

While playing around with a small and customized Debian based system, I noticed that the following log message was seen every time a user logged on via SSH: WARNING: /etc/ssh/moduli does not exist, using fixed modulus So what is this moduli file and why should you keep one of those around?

systemd madness #1

Just a quick note: Have you just removed a logical volume and forgot to remove its auto-mounting entry from fstab? Don’t reboot just yet then, because otherwise systemd will enter into its emergency mode instead of just trying to skip that mount at boot time. Probably not that big of a deal since the emergency […]

Remote MySQL at localhost

It’s pretty common to install different server applications on different machines, be it physical or virtual ones. There’s several reasons for doing such; performance, uptime, security by isolation, etc. Doing this with database servers in shared web hosting environments might be a bit of a hassle though…